Seattle Multimodal Terminal at Colman Dock

Objective: Signal design for temporary and future access of Colman Dock, Seattle's largest ferry terminal, during construction to replace and refurbish part of the terminal.

Project Owner: Washington State Ferries

Services: Signal Design

Seattle Multimodal Terminal At Colman Do

Burien NE Redevelopment Area

NE Burien.jpg

Objective: Traffic planning and analysis on existing and future traffic conditions in Burien's Northeast Redevelopment Area (NERA) as part of the Port of Seattle and the City of Burien's multi-modal planning project to redevelop the area.

Project Owner: City of Burien / Port of Seattle

Services: Traffic Operations Analysis, Transportation Planning, Traffic Impact Analysis, Lighting Analysis.

Sound Transit East Link Extension E360

Objective: Partnering with Sound Transit and Kiewit Hoffman on this design-build contract to provide fast, frequent and reliable light rail services from the Eastside’s biggest population and employment centers to downtown Seattle, SeaTac Airport and the University of Washington.

Project Owner: Sound Transit

Services: Design-Build, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Maintenance of Traffic (MOT), Traffic Signals, Roadway Illumination, Pavement Markings

Tacoma Link Expansion Final Signal Design

Tacoma Link Expansion Final Signal Desig

Objective: Traffic signal design for Sound Transit's extension of the Link service in downtown Tacoma.

Project Owner: Sound Transit

Services: Signal Design

Madison Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Design

Objective: Comprehensive traffic, signal and lighting design to improve transit capacity, travel times, reliability, and connectivity within a dense urban through-fare in downtown Seattle.

Project Owner: City of Seattle Department of Transportation

Services: Signal Design, ITS Design, Electrical Design, Lighting Analysis and Design

Georgetown Festival Street Project


Objective: Successful collaboration with the local community and the city to create a community gathering space in the heart of Georgetown, an urban mixed-use neighborhood south of downtown Seattle.

Project Owner: City of Georgetown

Services: Lighting and Electrical Design

Center City Gateway ITS

Objective: Improving traffic operations in Seattle's central business district through signal timing optimization.

Project Owner: City of Seattle Department of Transportation

Services: ITS

Third Avenue Bus Lane Extension Study


Objective: Identifying Short Term and Long Term Improvements for Transit Speed and Reliability on Third Avenue in Downtown Seattle.

Project Owner: City of Seattle Department of Transportation

Services: Traffic Operational Analysis, Traffic Simulation Modeling, Multi-Modal Corridor Studies

Kirkland 100th Avenue Corridor Study

Objective: Improving safety, mobility and traffic flow on a major arterial corridor in the city of Kirkland.

Project Owner: City of Kirkland

Services: Corridor Studies, Operations

Seattle City Light Arterial Street Light  Conversion Lighting Analysis (Zones 1-4)

scl lighting.jpg

Objective: Successful lighting analysis of LED conversion of more than 16,000 Seattle arterial street lights in a tight time frame, ahead of the contractor’s installation schedule.

Project Owner: Seattle City Light

Services: Lighting Analysis

Bellevue Way HOV Project

Objective: Traffic Operational Analysis of the Sound Transit East Link Station and proposed southbound HOV lane on Bellevue Way, a major corridor in the City of Bellevue.

Project Owner: City of Bellevue

Services: Traffic Operations Analysis and Traffic Simulation Modeling

One Center City Mobility Plan

One Center City Mobility Plan.jpg

Objective: Multi-modal analysis of Seattle's central business district (CBD) to support the development of the City's Master Plan.

Project Owner: City of Seattle Department of Transportation

Services: Traffic Analysis, Traffic Simulation Modeling, Multi-Modal Corridor Studies, Transportation Planning