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Our Services


Planning + Operations + Design

Regardless of where you are in the project life cycle, our full spectrum of transportation engineering services will help deliver successful results. From planning to operational analysis to design, our team will help you navigate the process and find and implement the best solution for any traffic challenge. Concord excels at providing clients with creative and innovative solutions to build safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation systems while more efficiently utilizing the existing infrastructure. We understand that traffic engineering challenges are dynamic and each project and client is unique. Our team of experts is ready to help:

  • Traffic Signal Design

  • Electrical Design

  • Illumination Analysis and Design

  • ITS Planning and Design

  • Signal Timing and Operational Analysis

  • TSP Analysis and Design

  • Traffic Simulation Modeling

  • Transportation Planning

  • Multi-modal Corridor Studies

  • Travel Demand Forecasting


Analysis + Design

The Concord Engineering team also understands the importance of well-designed lighting concepts. We offer additional expertise in a variety of electrical engineering services, including:

  • Joint-Use Engineering and Surveying Services

  • NECS, RESC, and NEC Standards Compliance

  • Illumination Analysis and Circuit Design for Roadway and Parking Facilities

  • Electrical Service Applications and Design

  • Communications System Design

  • Bus Station Amenities Electrical Design for Pedestrian Lighting, Real-Time Information Technology Pylon, Wireless Access Points, Antenna, and Bus Shelter Lighting

  • Existing Fiber Optic Inventory and New Fiber Optic Design for Roadway Traffic Interconnect Systems

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