Madison Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Design

Objective: Comprehensive traffic, signal and lighting design to improve transit capacity, travel times, reliability, and connectivity within a dense urban through-fare in downtown Seattle.

Project Owner: City of Seattle Department of Transportation

Services: Signal Design, ITS Design, Electrical Design, and Lighting Analysis and Design

With the goal of improving transit capacity, travel time, reliability, and connectivity within the dense, urban Madison Street transit corridor, Concord Engineering is leading the signal, ITS, lighting, and station electrical service designs for the SDOT Madison Street Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project. The signal design portion of the work includes designing traffic signal upgrades at 37 intersections to support the installation of transit signal priority (TSP) at 28 of these intersections and to address impacts from widening the most constrained sections of the corridor. The ITS design includes fiber optic interconnect to support communications for both King County Metro and SDOT devices in the field such as TSP, off-board fare collections, real-time arrival signs, and CCTV cameras for traffic monitoring. Concord's work in lighting and station electrical service design for this project includes service connections to support the ORCA card readers and real-time arrival signs and pedestrian scale lighting for the platforms.

Seattle Office

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