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Georgetown Festival Street Project

Objective: Successful collaboration with the local community and the city to create a community gathering space in the heart of Georgetown, an urban mixed-use neighborhood south of downtown Seattle.

Project Owner: City of Georgetown

Services: Lighting and Electrical Design

Concord successfully completed and delivered the decorative pedestrian lighting and electrical design (PS&E) and provided construction engineering services for the City of Seattle. With the overall goal of integrating traffic calming and creating a more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly space that can be closed easily for neighborhood festivals in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, this project required close collaboration with both the project’s urban planner and with the Georgetown Citizen Advisory Committee group. Concord’s role included selecting the decorative pedestrian light pole and luminaire that both matched the overall streetscape and the adjacent pedestrian lighting system, conducting site visits with the SCL electric service representative to identify the optimal feed point for the proposed pedestrian lighting and the two electric cabinets proposed for festival event power, and power for a new art piece in the square.

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