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Third Avenue Bus Lane Extension Study

Objective: Identifying Short Term and Long Term Improvements for Transit Speed and Reliability on Third Avenue in Downtown Seattle.

Project Owner: City of Seattle Department of Transportation

Services: Traffic Operational Analysis, Traffic Simulation Modeling, Multi-Modal Corridor Studies

Concord led and managed a multidisciplinary team to develop and evaluate four alternatives for the optimal combination of improvements to be included in the preferred solution for the Third Avenue Bus Lane Extension Study in downtown Seattle. The primary objective of the study was to improve transit speed and reliability with acceptable impact to general purpose traffic, on street parking, local business access, and traffic circulation. Through close coordination with SDOT and King County Metro staff, the project team also identified a set of future enhancements to improve bus operations along the existing Third Avenue corridor. The proposed alternative and the potential enhancements were categorized into short term and long term transit improvements. Concord also provided concept level design for the short term transit improvements.

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