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Seattle City Light Arterial Street Lighting

Objective: Successful lighting analysis and LED conversion of more than 16,000 Seattle arterial street lights in a tight time frame, ahead of the contractor’s installation schedule.

Project Owner: Seattle City Light

Services: Lighting Analysis

In collaboration with Seattle City Light, Concord has analyzed and converted more than 16,000 street lights throughout the city of Seattle. Concord’s internally-developed key map and numbering scheme to label the calculation areas for each submittal in AGi32 models proved to maximize the efficiency of the SDOT review process. In addition, our team was able to develop a shape file in GIS to spatially map the calculated light level requirements to the intersections and roadway segments. The light level requirements were calculated based on the SDOT Right-Of-Way Lighting Level Design Guidelines. The key map and the light level requirements graphic submitted with the AGi model accelerated the SDOT review process.

Concord’s expeditious turnaround of the lighting analysis for such a large number of lights is indicative of our overall capacity, experience and efficiency in lighting analysis projects. Those factors, coupled with our team’s harmonious relationship with SCL project managers and engineers and our deep understanding of the SDOT Right-Of-Way Lighting Level Design Guideline, ensure we can and do deliver timely and quality project deliverables.

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