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One Center City Mobility Plan

Objective: Multi-modal analysis of Seattle's central business district (CBD) to support the development of the City's Master Plan.

Project Owner: City of Seattle Department of Transportation

Services: Traffic Operations Analysis, Traffic Simulation Modeling, Multi-Modal Corridor Studies, Transportation Planning

Concord is conducting a multimodal analysis of the Seattle CBD to assess the impacts of the end of joint bus-rail operations in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel (DSTT) to support the development of the Center City Master Plan. The objective of the project is to establish optimal transit routing using surface streets within the CBD once the DSTT is closed to buses. Concord is completing the traffic operations analysis of over 75 signalized intersections using a combination of Synchro and Vissim software. The analysis supports decision making by identifying the impact of increased transit volumes on surface streets for multiple alternatives in terms of transit speed and reliability throughout the CBD.

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