Kirkland 100th Avenue Corridor Study

Objective: Improving safety, mobility and traffic flow on a major arterial corridor in the city of Kirkland.

Project Owner: City of Kirkland

Services: Corridor Studies, Traffic Operations

The 100th Avenue corridor in Kirkland serves a wide mix of local and commuter residential, commercial, and institutional land uses.  Concord Engineering worked closely with the City of Kirkland and its residents to identify safety, operational, traffic circulation, accessibility, and mobility issues on this busy corridor.  Concord was heavily involved in the City's public outreach effort which included surveys and public open houses in order to understand the community's and all corridor user's concerns.  Our team used this input, as well as data gathered from our own field research, to model the existing and alternative conditions and evaluate the benefits and impacts of potential roadway improvements.  Through field visits, public outreach, and traffic and collision analysis, the Concord team delivered a comprehensive Corridor Plan that included buffered bike lanes, improved pedestrian sidewalks, and channelization modifications and ultimately helped the City improve the performance and safety of this busy corridor for all modes of travel.

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