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Tacoma Link Expansion Final Signal Design

Objective: Traffic signal design for Sound Transit's extension of the Link service in downtown Tacoma.

Project Owner: Sound Transit

Services: Signal Design, Construction Support

The Tacoma Link Expansion Project identifies and evaluates transit alternatives for the extension of the Link service in the City of Tacoma. The preferred route and station alternatives, selected by the Board in 2015, extend the existing Tacoma Link system an additional 2.4 miles along portions of Commerce Street, Stadium Way, N 1st Street, Division Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Way in the City of Tacoma. The Concord team is providing traffic signal design at 14 intersections along the Tacoma Link Expansion segment. Services include developing traffic signal permits for all new signalized intersections, incorporating transit signal priority at all signalized intersections, and preparing signal timing plans for each signalized intersection in coordination with the City of Tacoma. Concord is working in coordination with multiple design disciplines and various utility vendors during the design process, and has a constructive collaboration with Sound Transit and City of Tacoma. More information can be found at 

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